Organic Pesticide Demonstration

Last Modified: 15 February 2018

Udyankur Seba Sangstha (USS) has conducted and facilitate organic insecticide and fungicide preparation and demonstration practically under Seeds of Survival (SoS) project at Palashbari Kamerpara, Ghandas Kanaikata under Palashbari union, Malipara-2 & Laxmichap Sobujpara under Laxmichap union of Nilphamari district on 12th , 13th & 14th February’ 2018 respectively supported by USC Canada. There were 148 participants present among them 128 were female and 20 are male. At first step project coordinator discussed in detail regarding importance of organic pesticide and poisonic vegetabe consuming negative impact to human body, other plant & animals, soil and environment. Then participants prepared organic insecticide by cattle urine, dust Chilli, Garlic & Onion pest and other bitter & medicinal value carrying plants following specific ration and organic fungicide name Bordo mixture using Lime and Blue vitriol following specific ratio with the facilitation of SoS project coordinator and Community Facilitators (CFs). Finally participants used produce insecticide & Bordomixture in their vegetable field to control insect and fungal disease by the hand sprayer. A plastic drum and a hand sprayer has provided to the demonstration group from the mention project for organic pesticide preparation and to do spray in their pest infected vegetables garden. Md. Jomil project coordinator overall conducted the whole program. Profullo Kumar Roy, Sub Assistant Agriculture (SAAO) of DAE was present at the time of demonstration of Palashbari Kamerpara on 12th February’2018, Rakib Abedin & Abul Kalam Azad SAAO of DAE were present at the time of demonstration of Malipara-2 on12th February’2018 and Profullo Kumar Roy, Partho Protim Roy & Jannatun Fardous SAAO of DAE were present at the time of demonstration of Ghandas Kanaikata on13th February’2018. All participants participated actively and enjoyed both the theoretical and practical session and committed to apply these technologies in their vegetable crop field to control pest.  

Prepared by:

Md. Jomil, Project Coordinator,