Last Modified: 5 June 2018

Plan International Bangladesh & its partners have been trying to create democratic space for children and youths including communities to raise their voices on public services and resources. From this perception USS facilitated to local government Institutions of Jaldhaka Upazila under Nilphamari district technically supported by plan international Bangladesh. The main objectives were to-

  • To increase the participation in the process of budget preparation by the community people along with children and youths where the demands from the community, specially, the requirements of the children and youths are reflected for their benefits and,
  • To maintain transparency and accountability among the LGIs.

There were 11participatory plans and budget conducted in 11 union parishad of Jaldghaka upazila facilitate by USS and supported by plan international Bangladesh on 29th to 31st May’2018. UP Chairmen of respective union parished were present as chaired of their open budget sessions. Professor Md Golam Mostafa Member of Parliament (MP) Nilphamamri-03 was as chief guest. Mr Abdul Motalib sarker Deputy Director(Deputy secretary) local government (LG)- Nilphamari, Md Syed Ali Upazila Chairmen & Mr  Johir Imam Acting UNO & Assistant commissioner (Land) Jaldhaka Upazila, Mr Alauddin Ali Executive Director of USS were present as special guests. Union Parishads were also shared expenditure and achievements to the audiences of previous year. Children and youths raised voices during the sessions for their developments.


Sector wise allocated compile budget of above mention union parishads:


Allocated budget (Tk)

Total budget including protection, health, education & DRR.


Child, youth & women development


Disaster Risk Reduction


Health & Sanitation





Present government has taken various types of initiatives on agriculture, road connectivity & promotes quality education for rural development. Our government has given top priority on education, health, agriculture and protection for children. Bangladesh has already achieved the recognition from LDC to developing country. It is our great achievement and we are not poor and we have dignity. You know that Bangladesh is a role model on Disaster & Risk Reduction through people participation. Local government is the part of central government that’s why it’s playing proactive role in favor of central government.  I am very happy to attend the open budget deceleration session. I thank to USS & Plan International Bangladesh for providing their supports…………………. Professor Md. Golam Mostafa MP Nilphamamri-03.

Local government department has always provided support to prepare the participatory plans & budget at Union level. But we have some limitation to facilitate the process. One District Facilitator is responsible to overseas the process in 60 Union Parisads in Nilphamari district. I am trying to go through the budget. UP bodies try to follow the process to prepare the budget. Budget deceleration session environment is very beautiful & community people have participated to discussion session smoothly. I thank to UP Chairmen for organize the event and also thank to USS & Plan International Bangladesh for providing supports to facilitate the process…………………………….. Mr Abdul Motalib Sarker Deputy Director (Deputy Secretary) LG of Nilphamari. 

I am very happy to attend the session on open budget declaration session in different LGIs under Jaldhaka Upazila . People’s participation & discussion on budget issues has increased in this year. I think it is a positive sign to increase the transparency & accountability. We want to build a transparent organization from views to community perception.  I thank to USS & Plan International Bangladesh for providing their supports to organize the open budget in different Union of the Upazila……………………   , Md Syed Ali Upazila Chairmen Jaldhaka Upazila Nilphamari.


Present government has already set up the vision plan including rural development for improving the live & livelihood of peoples. Rural development always depends on local government administration & their initiatives. Now local government is trying to increase the people’s participation and open budget is one of them.   Five years ago it was not possible to know the plans & budget of Union Parisad but now it is open to all at union Parisad. It is the sign of transparency & accountability to the community perception. We believe that we need the cooperation of people for implementing the plans & budget smoothly for their development. I specially thank to LGIs, USS & Plan International Bangladesh for invitation me to attend the programme & say something from the part of government.-------------    Mr  Johir Imam Acting UNO & Assistant commissioner (Land) Jaldhaka-Nilphamari.

USS is trying to play the facilitating role for community development through increasing the access to public services & resources. USS has a lot of experience to facilitate the participatory plans & budget in union & upazila level. All development interventions have been implementing through participatory development approach and it is our main motto. So far I know that USS is facilitating this process on plans & budget at union level from last 2 years to increase the people’s participation. I thank to all who are providing suggestion & feedback on budget to enrich documents. I thank to LGIs & Plan International Bangladesh to continuing their supports to organize the process for rural development……………… Alauddin Ali Executive Director of USS- Nilphamari.

 The significant Reflection of the program;

  • LGIs authorities have showed positive attitude towards child rights and child protection
  • All LGIs authorities have allocated budget in FY 2018-2019 on awareness raising issue on stop child marriage, dowry and aid for the vulnerable children
  • All LGIs have kept budget for education, health & sanitation, Disaster Risk Reduction and child & women development issues.

Reported by: Kaykobad Hossain, PC, R2PP, USS