Parents’ Orientation Session Arranged on Child Protection and Child Rights

Last Modified: 11 February 2016

Child protection and right rights is first to be a good citizen in society as well in country. Putting this theme in front an Orientation session arranged for the parents on Child rights and Child Protection dated on 9th February, 2016 at Shimulbari union of Jaldhaka upazila by USS & supported by Plan International Bangladesh. 95 parents attended in the orientation session.  During the orientation sessions what is child rights, back ground of child rights and child protection, types of torture and its prevention, child marriage, dowry etc topics were disused to aware the parents about their children.  The session was very much effective because the parents shared their feelings and responsibilities towards development of their children. “It is our shame that after investigating a huge amount behind them we are arranging child marriage. But if we arrange marry in adult age then many people will come and bless them. So lets take oath not to giving child marriage” said Lovely begum, from Luxmimari kachari village.  Child marriage is the main barrier for the development of the children which was identified by the parents and they committed not to give child marriage for their children.  Identified disadvantages of child marriage are 1. the victims become more sick due to child marriage, 2. Mothers face problems during child birth due to child marriage, 3. Population growth increase, 4. Polygamies increase, 5. Children become disabling, 6. do not matured to handle families, 7. They can not take right discussions due to child marriage, 8. poverty increase due to child marriage, 9. The children suffer from nutrition, 10. Unexpected death comes due to child marriage, 11. Health fitness decrease due to child marriage, 12. Child mortality rate increase, 13. Women are more torture due to child marriage, 14. Child torture increase due to child marriage. The orientation session was conducted by Rina Khanom, CAR-Training of USS of Jaldhaka branch.

Reported by:

Pobon Malo, PC, USS, Jaldhaka, Nilphamari