World Environment Day Observed

Last Modified: 6 June 2015

World Environment Day 2015 has been observed at Polashbari Poroshmoni High School premises in Nilphamari district through rally, cultural program, discussion meeting and sapling distribution. The day is observed by initiatives from Gonogobeshona team, adolescent forum of Polashbari and Laksmichap union and supported by USS, Nilphamari andDiakonia Bangladesh. Babu Tapon Kumar Roy, Polashbari UP chairman was present in the occasion as chief guest. Alauddin Ali, Executive director, USS was present as special guest and the program was presided over by Uttom Kumar Roy, Headmaster, Polashbari Girls High School. The day began with cultural program. Some songs based on protecting environment and prevention of early marriage. After the cultural program, a rally was moved out. President of Polashbari Dhan Bank, Ripa Rani said that every member of Dhan Bank would get one guava sapling on the environment day which counted a total on 252 saplings. She evoked everyone to plant 4 more saplings along with that one guava sapling in total 5 saplings at their house.

Reported by: Kaniz Fatema, PC, PGELKPI, USS