Workshop on a Perception and Study at Local Rights Program Areas of ActionAid Held in Chilahati.

Last Modified: 15 June 2016

Udaynakur seba Sangstha(USS) organize a workshop on a perception and study at local rights program areas of Actionaid Bangladesh which was held on 8th June-2016  in Chilahati girls high school & collage hall room. The workshop is inaugurated by welcome speech of project coordinator of USS. Mr. Amir Hossain, Deputy Manager, Actionaid Bangladesh, explain the theme of research paper and objective of this workshop. Mr. Abdur Razzaque Basunia, Chairman Upazila parised, Domar was present as chief guest in the workshop and special guests were Mr. Azadul Haque Paramanik, principle, sunmoon kindergarten & convener of Social audit team, Mr ayub Ali, Principle, Chilahati girls school & collage, Shah Md. Arshadul haque Zillu, Headmaster, Chilahati merchant government primary school. Mr. Akramul Haque, chairman, vogdaburi Union Parishad, chaired in workshop. More than 50 persons were present in the workshop and participant categories were teacher, members of student of council, members of School management committee, members of reflection action groups, youth & journalist. Mr. Rubayut Hasan, Deputy Manager, Actionaid Bangladesh present the research report on a perception and impact study at local rights program areas of Actionaid Bangladesh. Dr. Tarikul Islam, Director, Actionaid Bangladesh, conducted the open discussion session. It is noted that the research group has taken opinion of teacher, members of student of council, members of School management committee, members of reflection action groups, youth, CSO representative through using various types of participatory tools before preparing the research report. In the open discussion session, Zarina begum, member of sangrami lokendro , said that‘‘ We have gotten real formation in just time through USS, that’s why we have received khas land form government. Tanjila Begum, member of Lokokendro said that‘‘ we have collected the  service information of Union parishad ,that’s why we have taken initiative for claiming the service, Laboni begum, member of student council  said that‘‘ we take initiative supported by teachers and they also updated to us allotment of government (SLIP fund)”.The chief guest said that‘‘ USS is  working for improving lifestyle of poor marginalized people supported by Actionaid Bangladesh ,  the transparency have in the reflection action group and I think that  the transparency should be established in the government administration as like reflection action group”. Special guest Mr.Azadul Hapue Paramanik said that‘‘ the implemented project will be social audit as per project implementation guideline and if it is implementing properly I hope that the transparency will be ensure” .Mr. Akramul Haque said that‘ ‘I am new elected chairman of Vogdaburi Union Parisahd, I have desire that I will ensure the transparency in the each activities of union parishad, I want to help from community people”. The workshop is finished through speech of chairperson.

Reported by: Kaykobad Hossain, PC, USS