Organized Capacity Development Orientation of Open Budget for UP Chairman & Secretary

Last Modified: 9 April 2018

Them of the year “Open budget announcement is essential for the establishment of good governance “at  Local government  (Union Level) parisad. USS organized the capacity development for the UP Chairman & secretary through facilitated the orientation by respective authority on 27 March-2018 at CLC, Jaldhaka in Nilphamari supported by Plan International.  Md Kaykobad Hossain Project Coordinator ( PC) CRP Project welcomed to the participants and introduced among them and also described  background of the  event   

Objectives of the events are:

To increase the skill & knowledge on open budget (Participatory plans & Budget)for respectivepersonnel .

To strengthening ward meeting through rising the voice of community people and reflected their demand in plans & budget.

The Orientation was conducted by Uttom Kumar Roy, UNO- Jaldhaka & Md. Abu Hena Mostofa kamal , District Facilitator (DF) LGESP 03 deputy commission office Nilphamari.


Facilitator Md Adu Hena Mostofa Kamal – Started the orientation to described the historical background of Union parisad . Union Parisad is playing proactive role to community development. As per their role, they are trying to increase the participation to prepare & implementation UP budget through involvement of community people.Facilitator facilitates the session are below:

  • Steps of open budget (participatory Plans & Budget) preparation   to community level to up level.
  • To discuss the important of ward meeting & how to facilitate the ward meeting through community engagement.
  •  To discuss the budget linked to community level demand & reflection on budget.
  •   To discuss the LGESP budget guideline for the next three fiscal year (2018-2019. 2019-2020.2020-2021).

Facilitator Uttom Kumar Ray , UNO Jaldhaka was facilitated  administrative part from government side which are below:

Need to develop the capacity for UP bodies to prepare the open budget & its application.

  •   Government increase the UP budget in day by day for poverty reduction some donor is interested to providing their fund.
  • Provide the support to UP bodies to open budget declaration session.

 Some comments of the participants are below:

 I am very happy to joined the orientation in previously we didn’t participated the orientation to prepare the up budget. I think that it is helpful to us for preparation the UP Budget -------- Md . Shorhab Hossain ( Thuin) Chairman Khathali Union – Jaldhaka.

  I would like to request District Facilitator (DF) to providing support for approval the project in due time to ensure the quality of work.  This first time we have received the orientation --------- Md. Moksadur Rahman ( Sobuj) UP Secretary – Dowabari union parisad.

  UNO & DF ( LGESP) Deputy commissioner  office, thank to Plan & USS to organized the orientation for capacity development of up bodies.  Participants realize that it is helpful to prepare the budget through community engagement.  That end of the orientation to prepare the plan of action for open budget declaration session which are below:


Name Union

Date of open budget declarations session


Gulmonda Union

15th May 2018


Balagram Union

10th May 2018


Shoul mari Union

14th May 2018


Kaimary Union

13th May 2018


Khutamara union

16th May 2018


Shimul bari Union

07th May 2018


Dormopal Union

10th May 2018

Reported by: PC, R2PP09

Golna Union

9th May 2018


Khathali  Union

09th May 2018


Mirganj Union

20th May 2018

Reported by: Project Coordinator, R2PP, USS