Lokokendro Convention -2016 held at Chilahati in Nilphamari District

Date Published: 24 December, 2016


Last Updated: 24 December, 2016

Lokokendro forum chilahati organize lokendro convention2016 on 14th December’16 at the field of ketkibar Chandokhana G.R high school of Domar Upazila under Niplhamari District, with the assistance of UdayankurSeba sangstha (USS) and Actionaid Bangladesh. Freedom fighter Mr. Aftab Uddin Sarkar, Member of Parliament, Nilphamri-1 was present as chief guest in the convention. The special guest were Md. Abdur Razzak Bashunia, Upazila Chairman, Domar, Mrs. Nurunahar Sahazadi, District women affair officer, Nilphamari, Mr. Alauddin Ali, Executive Director, USS, Shekh Mohammed Ashraf, Deputy Manager, ActionAid Bangladesh, Jahurul Haque Pramanik (Dipu), Chairman, Ketkibari union Parishad and Azadul Haque Pramanik, principle  sun moon kindergarten. The convention is inaugurated through folk song on Vat and tax. Jubo prochesta Chilahati performing the theater for Development‘ ‘Bazar Garom” to raise awareness on Vat &Tax . There are more than 1500 women and men participated in the convention. Babli Rani Roy, Member of Lokokendro forum gave welcome speech and updated activity of circle, Lokokendro and Lokokendro forum. Rintu Akther presents a key note on ‘‘to select the beneficiaries for social safety net program through digital system”. Sonamoni Begum, member of Lokokendro forum present a key note on’ gender responsive budget implementation through Union parishad” and Mizanaur Rahman, member of Land rights implementation committee present a key note on ‘‘role of us to rescue land grabbing by forest department”. Then started the open discussion. The open discussion was conducted by Alaudiin Ali. In the open discussion session  Ziqurul Alam said that‘‘ I am proposing through MP that the government can  create a ministry on Social Safety net program, Mrs Rehena begum comments that ‘‘A committee has a Union parishad to select the beneficiaries for social safety net program but the committee are not playing active role, as a result we see the discrimination to select the beneficiaries , in this circumstances there are no alternative of Digital System” ,Kulsum Akter ask the chairman ‘‘ have the participatory wealth ranking in union parisahd, If no? Have any initiative to make it on behalf of chairman?” Mrs. Parul Begum said that‘‘ according to  Local government law (Union Parishad) 2009, the union parishad will declarers the open budget but they have no budget to it, so I propose to Upazilla parshad to take  budget to declare the open budget”, Tanjina Begum, member of reflection of circle  said that‘‘ as per Local government law (Union Parishad)2009,the union parishads have no option to create gender responsive budget, I am requesting to honorable MP for correction the law”. Abdul Karim , member of land rights implementation committee said that‘‘ According to the private forest  audience law 1959, the forest department prevailed the private land of people of domar upazila , as a result more than 2000 families are suffering so I request to  honorable  MP  for  present the situation in the parliament session as a part of public interest”. After closing the open discussion session start the speech of guests. Mr Jahurul haque pramanik (Dipu) said that ‘‘I have participatory wealth ranking in my Union Parishad, we will try to select the beneficiaries for the social safety net program involving people participation”. Mr. Shekh Mohammed Ashraf said that ‘‘I will say to honorable MP to share the situation and speech of this community with him others colleague and respective authorities” .Mr.Abdur Razzaque Basunia said that‘‘I am always involve with the activity of USS and ActionAid Bangladesh and I like their activities”. Freedom Fighter Mr.Aftab Uddin Sarkar Said that‘‘ I am very grateful to USS, ActionAid Bangladesh and Lokokendro forum to organize this convention, in the open discussion sessions some participants are questioned to me and I am try to answering the question because the people have need to know this, the government are trying to make database for implement the social safety net program, Every union parishads have Union Information services centre, all kinds of information will preserve there and people will take the all kinds of information from there, the government has taken initiative  to implement the gender responsive budget and Union Parishad will be Centre of all kinds of activities of government department, public interest issues which I get this convention , I will try to present in the 1st parliamentarian session in 2017, and I will discuss with local administration for stop the harassment of the member of land rights implementation committee”. The convention was end by the speech of Sefali Begum, President, Lokokendro Forum Chilahati .

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Kaykobad Hossain, PC, CAMPUS project, USS