Formation of Union Social Support Committee (USSC)

Date Published: 3 July, 2019


Last Updated: 3 July, 2019

Gender Equality through Peoples Initiative (GEPI) Project under Udayankur Seba Sangstha (USS) has formed Union Social Support Committee (USSC) supported by MANUSHER JONNO FOUNDATION (MJF) at Palashbari union porishod on 20 June 2019. The program was chaired by Md. Momotaj Ali Pramanik, chairman of palashbari union. UP members, secretary, Imam, marriage registrars, religious leaders, government service providers, teachers and civil society were attended in the program. Total 25 participants were present in the program. Female 08 and male 17 were present among total participants of the program. MD. Jomil, coordinator of Agriculture, M&E of USS was present in the program.  Jharna Rani Roy, PC of GEPI project delivered welcome speech in the program. There were discussed about goal, objective, responsibilities of the Committee and then formed of social support committee. Participants have formed a USSC containing 25 members after discussion session. USSC 25 members again has formed an executive committee consist of president, vice president, secretary, casher and writer. The support committee members committed that they will active role in the society and they will be communicating the group members and upazila support committee. Md. Momotaj Ali Pramanik, chairman of palashbari union gave closing speech in the program.

Reported by: Jharna Rani Roy, PC- GEPI project, USS, Nilphamari