Gender Training for Youth and Young Farmer

Last Modified: 19 September 2017

Gender training has held at USS Head Office hall room dated on 16th September, 2017 to reduce gender based discrimination earning equality between male and female. Total 25 young & youth participants attended and took actively participations in the training. Female 23 and male 02 participants were present among the total participants in the training. Md. Abdul Kuddus Sarker Education coordinator delivered welcome speech and Md. Alauddin Ali, Executive Director of USS inaugurated the day long training. The discussed topic are-

  1. Difference between sex and gender,
  2. Gender discriminations and the causes,
  3. Role of productive, reproductive and social role
  4. Division of labour
  5. Position and status of women in family & society at present
  6. Violence, type of violence, causes & effect of violence against women,
  7. Women empowerment.
  8. Initiative to earning gender equality

Dialogue, group work, presentation and memorable event sharing methods were used to make the sessions attractive and participatory in the training. All participants were committed to established gender equality in their family, society and organization. The training was conducted by Mst. Salma Akhter, gender development officer of Promoting Gender Equality through Local Knowledge & Peoples Initiative Project.

Reported by:     Md. Jomil, PC, Seeds of Survival (SoS) Project, USS, Nilphamari