Project Name: Promoting Gender Equality through Local Knowledge & People's Initiative

Last Modified: 2018-07-24

Promoting Gender Equality Through Local Knowledge and People’s Initiative (PGELKPI) project is working with Ganogabeshona group, Adolescent group, Adolescent forum, Ganogabeshona  forum etc. at Laxmichap, Palashbari and Khokshabari union of nilphamari sader upazila to increase their knowledge and skill against any kind of injustice family and community level following participatory reflection action and PAR process. There are 77 Ganogabeshona group, 33 Adolescent group, 3 Ganogabeshona  forum, 3 Adolescent  forum, Ggnogabeshona  forum 3 and  20 student forum which establish preventive mechanism to protect gender based violence from family to community during project period. Project participants are playing advocacy role to remove the injustice including gender discrimination and child rights. PGELKPI project is working with Upazila administration to their more responsive to protect the child marriage and dowry including harmful traditional practice. Most of the women and young girls right holder who are involve active participation in community decision making process and increased negotiating power within the household, community and administrative level.



Ensured empowerment of deprived people through gender equality.


1. Taken initiative to reduce Gender discrimination and established human rights in the project area

2. Financial capability increased for deprived people after end of the project.

3. Right holders of project area have perceived democratic culture, values and played responsible role in family and society.

4. Accessibility increased of deprived people at local resource & services after end of the project.

5. Strengthened Staff capacity


Major activities are:

Group meeting

Quarterly Student forum meeting

Quarterly Community Dhan bank EC meeting

Quarterly Community Dhan Bank Association meeting

Six monthly gonogobesona forum meeting

Six monthly Adolescent forum meeting

Quarterly community library committee meeting

Quarterly NJK meeting