Project Name: Women initiatives for Community Development (W4CD)

Last Modified: 2024-04-16

Phulbari, the second smallest upazila of Kurigram Zila in respect of area came into existence as a thana in 1914 and was upgraded to upazila in 1983. Nothing is definitely known about the origin of the upazila name. It is learnt that in the past local Zaminder Sree Jagat Debendra Nath Roy named this place as Phulbari because of abundance of flower (meaning Phul in Bangla) in different houses (meaning Bari in Bengali) of this area. It is believed that the upazila might have derived its name from the name of the place where its headquarters is located The upazila occupies an area of 156.61 including 10.77 revering area. It is located between 25032’ and 26004’ north latitudes and between 89028’ and 89040’east longitudes. The upazila is bounded on the north by West Bengal State of India, east by Nageswari Upazila, south by Lalmonirhat Sadar Upazila of Lalmonirhat Zila, Kurigram Sadar Upazila and Rajarhat Upazila and west by Lalmonirhat Sadar Upazila of Lalmonirhat Zila. The upazila consists of 6 union, 48 populated mauza and 166 village. The average size of population of each union, mauza and village are 26708, 3338 and 965 respectively. USS and Action Aid Bangladesh have has chosen two union named are Shimulbari and Borovita .

Borovita : The Union occupies an area of 18.25 The union is bounded on the north by Nowdanga   union   south by Dharala river  and phulbari union by east is Phulbari  union and  west by Dharala river. The union consists of 7 Mouza and 96 villages.

Shimulbari union:  It was established as a union in 1948. The Union occupies an area of 11.20 The union is bounded on the north by Indiaan border south by Borovita union Dharala river  by east is Phulbari  union and west by  Khulaghat  union lalmonirhut sador upazila. The union consists of 6 Mouza and 31 villages.

Context analysis of working areas, 26% children didn’t enrolment and they are out of school due to less access to inclusive quality education facilities and awareness and also less access to public services and resources. River erosion is main cause to built infrastructure and road connectivity from Upazila head quarter to Phulbari areas. 50 %  are landless. They  have been living in poverty through selling labor. As a result 70.52% people have been living in poverty In this community people  are adversary affected by flood and river erosion is another disaster affecting the livelihood of the people. Notably, these communities suffering by high level of chronic poverty and poor access to public services.  Local government didn’t fair distribution of social safety net facilities among the poor community. It is driven by voting power and unequal power relations have been existing here for long time. Most of the poor women became victim to different form of violence. So many people think that girls are burden to them that’s why most of girls get child marriage before the age of 18. As a result child marriage rate of Kurigram district is highest all over the country. In these circumstances USS started the development journey with Action Aid Bangladesh in First January 2019 named of project “Women initiatives for Community Development ( W4CD) Project in Phulbari upazila under Kurigram district, 

Goal: People living in poverty especially women, young people led resilience building process and accessed to quality services & resources leading to an improvement of their livelihood condition.


  • Women and girls organized structural Cases of violence & harmful practices and increased access to SRHR services.
  • Women and young people led resilience building process & enabled to reduce the vulnerability, take better preparedness, decision making over response and quick recovery from shocks and stress.
  • Develop young people and their groups are prepared to lead active role in community focused activism.
  • Communities have access to public services and access to control over natural resources.