Food Sovereignty, Access to Natural Resource and Services

Last Modified: 2018-08-07

USS is implementing different type of project activities successfully to ensure food and livelihood security. Earlier it was observed that project participants were not able and aware to consume sufficient food considering nutrition value. A remarkable change has observed to the program participants through participatory action research after designing planning and implementing of the programmatic intervention like Community Dhan Bank, Organic and climate resilience sustainable agriculture including livestock rearing, poultry rearing and community managed off farm activities. Targeted participants are involved in different type of IGAs at present after capacity building through training conducted by different projects under USS and that contributed to additional income in family level. As a result they have increased purchasing power and they are ensuring sufficient food for their family members. USS provided technical, input and financial support during implementing different types of project activities.

People organization has formed like Community Dhan bank, Loko Kendra, Research Group with the facilitation of USS which are involved indifferent type of activities for establishing self governance and access to public service from DAE, livestock, Fisheries, social welfare etc government department. USS authority is responsible to provide various type of information as per demand of right holder and others community peoples. Many people are landless and they are not aware regarding land rights issue specially khas land. Some people are getting khas land from government of Bangladesh and living with dignity in family and community level at present. Group leaders are continuing advocacy with service providing GO & NGOs at local level for receiving different types of services. As a result community people are getting agriculture equipment, training, seed support, social safety net, health and family planning supports from relevant department. Participants are satisfied for receiving service from different department.

USS facilitate to right holders to organize and conduct different type of training, workshop, discussion meeting, demonstration to achieve seed security, food security, nutrition security, to keep healthy soil and friendly environment. USS facilitate to right holder in the following areas-

  • Facilitate to produce organic fertilizer and apply their soil and sell to others.
  • Facilitate to produce organic vegetables, fruits and cereal crops
  • Seeds production, collection and storage at home
  • Pest control applying organic pesticide, set up of Poison bed & sex pheromone
  • Linkage with different GO and NGOs to get support and service
  • To eat foods considering nutrition
  • To establish organic market corner