Youth Forum Formed

Last Modified: 21 January 2015


To bring a positive change in the society especially rights of the child, a youth forum has been formed at Khutamara union of Jaldhaka upazila dated on 20th January, 2015 at Plan union office. Udayankur Seba Sangstha (USS) is implementing girl power project in Jaldhaka upazila with the partnership of Plan International Bangladesh. To reduce gender based violence against girls and young women it is very important to involve youth in the program, so that they can be aware about their rights and create a space where girls and boys are treated equally. With this theme USS arranged a meeting in khutamara union to form a youth forum. In the Youth forum formation meeting CBO representatives, Girls and young women forum representatives were present. The forum formation meeting was conducted by Amir Hossain Manik, Vice president of upazila child forum. Horipodo Roy, CAR-trainer facilitated youth forum formation meeting. In the meeting they discussed about name of youth forum, goal, objectives and bi-laws. After having a long discussion and group work they formed a forum and named it Stephen Hokings Youth forum khutamara.  In the youth forum formation meeting 29 participants from different villages of khutamara union attended.

At last all of the participants sang the common song “We shall over some day, O deep in our hearts, we do believe, we shall overcome someday:”

Pobon Malo