Parents Orientation Arranged on Child Protection and Child Rights

Last Modified: 19 January 2016

Child protection and right rights is first to be a good citizen in society as well in country. Putting this theme in front an Orientation session arranged for the parents on Child rights and Child Protection dated on 17th January, 2016 at Mirganj union of Jaldhaka upazila. 50 parents attended in the orientation session.  During the orientation sessions what is child rights, back ground of child rights and child protect, types of torture and its prevention, child marriage, dowry etc topics were disused to aware the parents about their children.  The session was very much effective because the parents shared their feelings and responsibilities towards development of their children. “It is very much important session for us as parents. I hope this will be continued in future and will be adapted new topics so that we the parents can more aware and active regarding our children” said Joba Begum, UP member of Mirganj union parishad. Child marriage is the main barrier for the development of the children which was identified by the parents and they committed not to give child marriage for their children. “ I hope that education institutions will be more aware and responsible towards our children and they will guide them to be a good citizen. It would be better it we could discuss it during parents gathering in the schools, said Shefaly Rani CPG member and UP member of Mirganj union parishad. The orientation session was conducted by Atabuzzaman Milon CAR-Training of USS of Jaldhaka branch.

Reported by:

Pobon Malo, PC, USS,  Jaldhaka