District Child Welfare Board Meeting at Nilphamari

Last Modified: 3 March 2018

The District Child Welfare Board (DCWB) meeting was held at DC conference room at Nilphamari on 25th February 2018.The meeting was chaired by Mohammad Khaled Rahim, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Nilphamari. He welcomed the participants and introduced among them one child was participated as a observer of the meeting. The meeting was facilitated by Mr Imam Hossain, Deputy Director of Social services department in Nilphamari. Agenda of the meeting are below:

  • Follow up the previous meeting decision as per regulation.
  •   Hygiene & sanitation facilities at government primary school.
  • Incorporate the children representative in child marriage restraint committee at district to union level.
  • Birth registration fees

Agenda wise discussion and decisions are below:

 # 01.  A short overview was present by deputy director of social services department that they didn’t take any action as per agenda of previous meeting.

# 02. All participants realize that need to do something for children as a board members. For that realization within short time board member will visit the 3 to 4 primary school in itakhola union under sador upazila in Nilphamari district.  Deputy Director will responsible to organize the visit & he will be playing role as a team leader.

# 03. Incorporate the children representative in child marriage restraint committee at district to union level; Kaykobad hossain , PC of USS informed to the participants, government finalized the rules of business of child marriage restraint act 2017. As per rules of business children are included as a member of children marriage restraint committee & handover to documents (Rules of business) to DC. After getting the documents than he agreed to incorporate the children as member of child marriage restraint committee.

#04; Deputy Director Raise the issue of birth registration fees, as per our observation some union parisad didn’t follow the fees of birth registration law 2017. DC will discuss the issue with UNO then take necessary action on regarding this issue.

DC and DD social welfare thanked USS and Plan International Bangladesh for extending their helping hand to make the meeting meaningful.

Reported by:  USS Jaldhaka branch