Observation of International Youth Day'2018

Last Modified: 19 August 2018

USS celebrated International youth day2018 under Action for Impact project at chilahati on 12th August’2018. The theme of the International Youth Day 2018 was Safe place for youth will do sustainable development

Objective of International Youth Day Celebration:

1. To create awareness of youth and mass people

2.To create awareness of youth rights.

3. To grow sensitivity on equal rights

4. Voice raise and build confidence of youth people by the youth day observation

The day has celebrated through rally, discussion session and debate competition. The rally moved from Chilahati USS office to chilahati Government College where near about 110 male and female participated. A discussion session held at that college hall room where lecturers of Gomnati College & chilahati Government College, youth group member and chilahati govt. college student were presented.

Debate competition was arranged by the two college students and issue of debate competition was Inclusion play main role of sustainable development. Chilahati govt. college debate team participated in favor and Gomnati college debate team participated as opposition on the debate issue. Champion and runner-up are Chilahai govt. college and Gomnati college team.  

Shopon Mia, lecturer of chilahati govt. college was as moderator and lecturers of Domar women college and Bhawlagonj College   played role as justice. 15 lecturers from different college, Alauddin Ali Executive Director of USS, Korban Ali representative of actionaid Bangladesh were presented as guest in debate competition. Celebration of the International Youth Day is an effective activity for influence youth people and create awareness among mass people regarding youth rights and entitlements. So the day may bring positive change to youth people and change their attitude and behavior which will contribute to positive change in their community.