Gender Issue Based Debate Competition at Community Level for Women

Last Modified: 4 November 2019

USS has arranged a debate competition on “Women’s role is the chief for development of family” under Gender Equality through Peoples Initiative (GEPI) Project supported by Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) at Notkhana Balapara of Palashbari union on 30 October 2019.

Objectives of the program:

  • To increasing knowledge about gender equality.
  • Activated of women and adolescent to take initiatives against discrimination and VAW at family and society.
  • Make able of women regarding mutual responsibilities understanding between male and female at their family.
  •  Capable of Women to play role and verify their rights at family.
  • Women will be practicing responsibilities with their present intellect and logic.

 The program was chaired by Md. Momotaj Ali Pramanik, chairman of Palashbari union.  Md. Sorwer Manik, Ex-Principal of Moshiur Rahaman Degree College and president of Upazila support committee, Nilphamari were special guest of the program. Alauddin Ali, ED of USS was present and delivered welcome speech of the program. Bongku Bihari Roy, member of Upazila support committee was present as moderator. The debate competition held between two women group members of palashbari union. Five women in each group were participated the debate competition. All the participants participated lively with practical experience and strong logic. The two groups tried best from their own family by showing their logic in that debating competition. All audiences enjoyed the debate competition. After debate competition guest and audience peoples gave opinion regarding the debate. Then the Prizes were given to the debaters of the both groups and extra pries was given to the champion speakers and the winner group. At last Alauddin Ali, ED of USS was declared the end of debate competition by thanking all. Md. Abdul Kuddus Sarker, coordinator of education of USS and MD. Jomil, coordinator of Agriculture, M&E of USS were also present in the program.