Findings Sharing on Social Audit and Community Score Card Through Public Hearing at Chilahati- Nilphamari.

Last Modified: 14 December 2014

 The Findings sharing on Social audit and community score through public hearing which was held on 13th December-14 Chilahati government college ground at 10 am. The objective of this program is to dialogue with duty bearer and right holders for creating an enabling environment to claim their rights. At the starting welcome Speech was from the Kaykobad Hossain Project Coordinator of USS, CAMPUS project. The program is organized by social audit committee with the assistance of Udayankur Seba sangstha (USS) and Action Aid Bangladesh. Mr Abdur Razzak Bosinia was present as a chief guest. Mr Abu Hena Mostofa Kamal- District Facilitator (LGSP)-2 – Mr Abu Taher- Chairman Vogdaburi union , Mr Babu Monoranzan Ray- Chairman , Bamunia union & Mr Abdul Bari Sarker, Acting Chairman , Gomnati, Convener of Budget decentralization committee of Nilphamari  Mst Nasima Begum was present as special guest  and 4  union parisad Members and reporter of print & electronic media and  many other members of civil society  participated in this event. The Social audit issue on the project of Providing tube-well for pure drinking water to poor community people and score cards issue on VGD card (Cycle-1013-2014) .The chief guest Mr Abdur Razzak Basunia addressed that every government employees are ensured maintained the transiency & accountability to the community people. The community people are more concerned to claiming their rights. This is real example to this events to so many people are complained against union parisad services. The Special guest Mr Abu Hena Mostofa Kamal addressed his speech that government has provide all kind of facilities to the union praised to providing services to the community people. According to the LGESP policy there is no problem to utilize the fund as per need. Union parsad has freedom to implementing their project as per people demand and all project are coming from word meeting. Word committee is responsible project design & implementing and supervision. All Union parisad Chairman addressed their speech that they have some problem to implementing the project as per guideline & they are committed to the people in future for providing the qualitative services. Most of the participants views are this is innovative & creative accountability tools to much more needed in this period. The chair of the events Mr Tobibul islam lecturer of Chilahati government college- said that the community people known that various types of information of union perished through this program which were unknown of community people. All UP members welcome this program because every activity  should have needed to transparent and if these activities would be continuing the country will be develop. All they gave thanks USS for arranging this nice event.

Report Prepared by:

Kaykobad Hossain

Project coordinator

CAMUS Project, USS, Chilahati.