Bangladesh Freedom Fundation

USS started development journey 1997 at Sadar Upazila of Nilphamari District. Till 2003 the
period was to gather experience without much well defined strategy. In 2003 USS defined the
goal and objectives of the organization in specific term and undertakes PAR (Participatory
Action Research) as main approach to work with poor and marginalized people in the area. USS
envisions a democratic society free of poverty and inequality where all the people are enjoying
freedom, self-reliant, confident and contributing to the development of country and nation as a
citizen with democratic values.

Journey of Bangladesh Freedom Foundation (BFF) was added with Udayankur Seba Sangstha
(USS) in 2009. USS constructed two dhan bank like 02 no. community dhan bank, Shohodeb
Borogacha, Laxmichap, Nilphamari and 03 no. community dhan bank, Bot Toly Kalibari,
Laxmichap, Nilphamari both technical and financial support by BFF in that year. It is a
exceptional bank where dhan bank member storage dhan during/after harvest of rice and receive
when need. Community dhan bank established for the purpose of mitigate Monga. There are four
community dhan among those 3 are Laxmichap union and 1 is Palashbari union under sader
upazila of Nilphamari district. Each community dhan bank has a committee and union base dhan
bank assiciation has also formed with each dhan bank selected members. Both committees
meeting are continuing as per plan. Community dhan bank are well functioning now each bank
has create huge fund.
Continuation of partnership of BFF and USS a five years project “Promoting Science Education
in Secondary School (PSE)” started in January’2012 and continued up to December’2016. The
project was completed in two phase. First phase duration was 1 st January’2012 to 31 st
December’2014 and 2 nd phase duration was 1 st January’2015 to 31 st December’2016. There were
29 Secondary School and a Dakhil Madresha in 12 union ( Laxmichap, Palashbari, Tupamari,
Ramnagor, Itakhola, Kundupukur, Ponchopukur, Chowra, Choraikhola, Kachukata, Shonaray,
Shongolshi) and nilphamari pouroshova of nilphamari district under the project. There were 413
boys and 1141 girls as right holder in 30 education institute.
Goal of PSE project was: Reduce of students afraid and grow interest to science department
and number of student increase day by day in secondary institution through create opportunity of
science culture and practices.
Objective of PSE project was:
• Popular of science education and number of science student’s increase in disadvantage
education institution
• Formation of science club conducted by students in their school and to do activate
• Create interest on science education among teacher, guardian as well as community peoples.

Project Name: Primary, High School Development with Health

Working Areas: Nilphamari Sador Upazila.

Project Name: Promoting Science Education (PSE)

Working Areas: Nilphamari Sador Upazila