Capacity development orientation for staffs arranged in CLC

Date Published: 19 September, 2016


Last Updated: 19 September, 2016

Staffs capacity building on Child Centered Community Development (CCCD) and Gender development training held in community learning centre (CLC), Jaldhaka dated on 6th September, 2016 arranged by Child Rights and Protection Project with the support of USS and Plan International Bangladesh. The day long orientation was conducted by Samena Khatun, Partner development specialist and Abdul Quader, Child Protection Specialist, Rnagpur divisional Office, Plan International Bangladesh. In the training some youth and children representatives were involved so that they may have a good understanding and concept on CCCD and Gender. 16 participants received CCCD and gender development training among them 9 was USS staffs and 7 were child and youth representatives from seven unions of Jaldhaka upazila. The topics were covered what is community development, what is CCCD, CCCD approach, its principle and standards, Gender, why gender in development. During the orientation group works, multimedia presentation, discussion sessions were done so that all can participate in the orientation. “I could not even think that I will receive training with USS staffs, who are working with us. It is great opportunity for me learning together and I have been clearer about CCCD and Gender development. In near future I am prepared to conduct session for the children, youth even in the community”, Arjuma Nehar, member of youth forum of Dhormopal union expressed her feelings in such why at the end of the orientation.

Reported by;

Pobon Malo

PC, USS, Jaldhaka, Nilphamari